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UBK & UP+DT Festival present Z-Trip

UBK & UP+DT Festival present.... 

Return of the legendary...


DJ Z-Trip is often referred to as the Rick Rubin of the DJ world. His roots are based in Hip Hop, but he covers and loves all music styles. Considered by many as the godfather of mash-ups, his style of mixing and producing reaches way beyond that. Z-Trip received the title of "America’s Best DJ" and still remains on the top 10 lists year after year. He helped design his own signature series DJ mixer, the Rane 62Z. Just like Rick, Z-Trip has collaborated with some of the very best to ever do it: Nas, Bassnectar, Public Enemy, DJ Shadow, Rakim, Shepard Fairey, Talib Kweli and many others.

With support from UBK artists
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