Canadian Colours

Canadian Colours is a group and party series started to promote, share and enjoy Canadian musical talent from all over the country. From Montreal to Edmonton to Vancouver, and everywhere in between, let's share the love for Canadian artists! 

So grab your Timmies, hop on your Zamboni and let's ride the Chinook down the Trans Canada Highway of music!

Because seriously, why not? The open forum can be found on Facebook - a hub to shed light on your favourite hidden Canadian gems, from indie to house music.  Join the discussion about the acts we all know and love and learn about the ones you have yet to be exposed to.

"I've always found, especially here at home, local artists and artists even just from the next city over aren't given as much credit as deserved. People are often looking for the hype show or party, which usually tends to be some international artist coming through, while your pal next door can rock out just as well!"

- Dane MacDonald, Manager of 9910

9910 Edmonton music

Dane MacDonald is an Edmonton-based producer and DJ, as well as the manager and talent booker at 9910. As a Canadian artist, record label owner and major supporter of the local scene himself, Dane knows what acts to look out for and loves giving them a platform to be heard... 

"It's quite apparent that Canadians are releasing great music right now. 1080p has become a juggernaut out west, getting some pretty honourable mentions from RA and Pitchfork. These labels have been finding their way into DJ's bags all over the globe - sell out records left and right. It's great to see! Plus, they're doing it all on their own; no help from big remixers or anything like that, just great music that speaks for itself."

Canadian Colours is commencing its party series with Vancouver electronic artists, Sabota, on June 24. The evening will also feature Edmonton native and music producer, Alex Jensen aka Sorsari, along with Dane spinning only vinyl.

"Max and Robbie of Sabota are dear pals and very talented humans. Max has had his fingers in many pots over the years, a member of Vancouver's infamous "Lighta! Sound Crew" along with his own productions and Robbie is 1/2 of the beloved band Humans."

Get involved and stay in touch with the Canadian Colours community.  Post on the page, spread the word about Canadian artists and come check out the parties -  the artists coming through Edmonton will surely surprise and delight you!

"The whole point is to shed some light on people who live next door, in your own town or across the country. We are always looking for awesome bookings and people can certainly send in their demos - super encouraged!"

Canadian Colours music

Interested in getting familiar with some of Canadian Colours' current favourites? Here's Dane's shortlist of labels to watch right now:

"As most know I'm a slave to vinyl, so I figured I'd list stuff that I'm playing quite a bit."

Red Motorbike
connect with them here

Normals Welcome
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ASL Singles Club
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Forbidden Planet
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